We are insect entrepreneurs.

Beta Hatch grows insect protein for animal feed. Nutrient balanced fertilizer is a sterile by-product of our process. Beta Hatch knows bugs better than anyone- we use our expertise in entomology to grow the most efficient and nutritious insects. We are currently farming mealworms from our urban farm in Seattle.


We believe in changing food systems. Our goal is to develop the technology and knowledge that will make insects the next commodity crop.

Our company innovates from the first principles of farming.

  • Know your livestock
  • Grow sustainably
  • Build community

Most people see insects only as ‘bugs’ or ‘pests’. We’re working not only to harness the great potential of insects, but also to reimagine the insect as nature's most efficient bioreactors.



Our insects are grown on an all-organic diet, sourced from local farmers and suppliers. The farm is an indoor, climate-controlled system that is customized to keep the insects healthy and happy. Our current species, Tenebrio molitor, is also known as the mealworm or darkling beetle. We harvest the larvae (or baby beetles) right before they transform into pupae, to maximize their protein and fat content. Frass, a technical term for ‘insect manure’ is a natural by-product that is harvested as the insects grow.

Our process is constantly evolving to maintain the most efficient production and a zero-waste system.


Virginia Emery is Canadian born, Berkeley bred, and Seattle made. Her life’s mission is to breed a bug that tastes like bacon.

Virginia has a PhD in entomology from UC Berkeley, and is passionate about bugs. She thinks a lot about agriculture, and how we are going to feed our growing human population. Beta Hatch was born from the realization that we need to 'think outside the field' and innovate whole new sectors of agriculture. 



As a science-driven company, we are constantly innovating our methods and exploring new ways to use our products. Some of our current projects include transforming spent brewery grain into insect feed for our farm, and exploring the ways that insect exoskeletons could be used for bioplastics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Beta Hatch is always looking for partners in agriculture! If you are a farmer, rancher, or researcher interested in testing our products, please contact us.