We’re industrializing insects for agriculture.

Our proprietary technology and breeding program allow us to grow more with less space, feed, and time. That means we’re using fewer resources to produce more animal feed and fertilizer. Here’s how we do it:

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Advanced genetics & breeding program

We manage the first mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor) breeding program. Our genetic platform allows for customization of future strains, including the ability to use a wide range of feedstocks. Selectively bred insects and novel diet blends mean we can customize the nutritional profiles of our products.


Sustainable products

Our mealworms feed on organic byproducts or ‘waste’, need minimal water, and grow at 5000x the acre yield of soy. Unlike fishmeal, our products contain no heavy metals or contaminants, because we control every step of the process. Our frass is certified organic by OMRI and WSDA.

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Industrial process

Beta Hatch grows bugs better than anyone. Through our patent-pending equipment, trade-secret process, and unique genetic stock, we grow the world’s most efficient protein. Our products are available fresh and year round from a local supply chain.


Our selective breeding program takes place at our hatchery in Seattle, WA. Eggs produced at the hatchery are then reared at our ranch to produce mealworms for animal feed, and insect manure (frass) for fertilizer.

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